History & Tradition

Christian Brothers College is a Voluntary Catholic School under the Trusteeship of the Christian Brothers, St. Helen's Province. The College was founded in 1888 at the invitation of the Bishop of Cork, Most Rev. Dr. O'Callaghan. The College is now recognised as one of Ireland's leading educational establishments.

The College continues to develop. In 1988, the College moved from its original site in St. Patrick's Place to a new location, one hundred yards away, atop Sidney Hill. 1996-1998 saw the modernisation of sports facilities at Lansdowne. 1999 saw plans for an extension to the College complex itself which included improved restaurant and other facilities, along with a number of additional classroom. These plans have come to fruition.

The educational programme of Christian Brothers College, so successful over the years, introduces the pupil to the ideals of the christian values, personal integrity and a disciplined approach to living. Our programme is designed to promote the goals of academic, cultural and sporting excellence in a thoroughly Catholic atmosphere. The quality of the education received at the College has been for generations of pupils, a stepping stone to success in their careers.

This success is evidenced by the outstanding achievements of past pupils in the professional and business spheres. 'Christians' is equally proud of the worldwide contribution made by those who have followed their vocation in the Priesthood and Religious Life.  The distinctive Cathoics ethos, the pursuit of excellence, the traditional Christians spirit are all values which brought Christian Brothers College safely into the new Millennium.


In 2008 the Christian Brothers handed over all of their schools, due to the contraction of religious orders worldwide, to the Edmond Rice Schools Trust (ERST). This new body now owns and manages Christian Brothers College. The Edmond Rice Schools Trust Charter provides the vision for our school: that our school promotes the personal and social development of all by a caring Christian community of teaching and learning; that Christians is a place of hope, happiness, courage and honest struggle, where everyone is valued and respected.

For the academic year 2016/17 the focus in Christians will be on "Creating a caring school community", one of the 5 key elements of the Edmond Rice School. We in Christians will also in 2016/17 continue to strengthen our school community.